Trick or Treat – Headgear for Halloween

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It’s that time again! Get ready for Halloween with accessories and hats as the night of ghosts and undead is just around the corner! Thank America! Luckily, American Halloween customs came to Europe in the 1990s. Would not it be a pity to dispense with disguising, creeping and celebrating on the 31st of October? The greasy pumpkins, whose faces eerily and sympathetically illuminate the darkness, are almost natural equipment of the end of October.

The term Halloween derives from All Hallows’ Eve and denotes the day before All Saints Day. Catholics commemorate their deceased on that day. The custom of the festival has its origins in Catholic Ireland and spread rapidly through the Irish emigrants in America. Since the end of the 20th century, the festival has also been celebrated in France, Germany and other European countries, today especially from a commercial point of view. None of the many disguise fans and party friends would like to forego the creepy and funny parties.

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Accessories and headgear for Halloween – A MUST for any costume party

At this point it should be pointed out that even in 2016 to the wild parties, the many make-up, the gruesome costumes and the good mood, the matching accessories and headgear for Halloween should not be missed. So it would be unthinkable to find the witches, vampires or Jack the Rippers among us without the right headgear. Which highlights make the night of horror so pretty? It is the witch’s pointed floppy hats that stand out from the crowd, matching the lady’s long nose. Together with the broom, the witch’s hat is the obligatory accessory of the magical-spooky ladies. Gladly a black raven, the animal friend of the witch, may sit on the brim of the large felt hat. A real vampire, as zoomed in from the past with the time machine, has a black cylinder in his baggage as a dangerous gentleman. If the silk or felt hat is still adorned with spider webs, the disguised vampire appears risen from the coffin.

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Jack the Ripper is also not imaginable without the historic headgear of the cylinder. To his figure, the legendary murderous representative of the 19th century, who drove in 1888 in London’s East End mischief, the cylinder is indispensable. The female living dead meanwhile can not do without their Fascinator. This accessory gives the costume a feminine touch and in combination with the dark make-up, the hollow cheeks and the pale complexion the lady seems to have just climbed out of the crypt. With a fancy dress, the dead person, as died a long time ago at a festival ball, only returned for the party in 2016 as a zombie. Even the large scarves in black, so in matching color to the horror festival, are a welcome accessory. They serve as a cloak or a scarf of the lady from the underworld.

In short: Suitable accessories and headgear for Halloween are part of the horror festival like pumpkins and sweets!

Happy Halloween!