The hat that suits me well … or not ?!

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How do I know if I really have my hat and according to which criteria I can choose a hat that is advantageous for me?

First of all, it should be said that all hat-wearers of both sexes can be absolutely sure about one thing: Anything that is fun and contributes to well-being is allowed. It decides solely and solely the hat wearer, which model he enjoys and with which headgear he or she feels comfortable. Of course, there are some clues as to when or where to wear certain hat styles or to view them as rather unfavorable.

In any case, one should not completely ignore the historical background of the hats. While the hat has always been an expression of the respective social and professional status, the hat can still function today as an integral part of a uniform. But it is more the rule that younger and older people understand a hat as a purely fashion accessory. Certainly, the hat is still a faithful companion to protect against wind and weather, but through its numerous variants, it comes just as often for the primarily fashionable use, if you want to complement or spice up his clothes. Of course, this does not mean that traditional hats or outdoor hats lose their functional character.

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There are countless hats and hats. How do I know which hat to choose?
My height gives a first aid in finding the right hat for. So it is recommended for small and petite people, tend to tend to a smaller hat shape. Large people, on the other hand, can use hats with a wider brim without any problems, for example, so-called traveler hats.

People who have a very long face can very well wear flat caps of any kind, with people with rather round features opting for bell hats or melons.

Also the own skin color is a criterion, which should be considered with the choice of hat: Women or men with very light skin is less the handle to brown or earth tones recommended, since these colors usually make a little paler.

In any case, the hat should bring a certain harmony to the rest of the outfit, as a classic men’s hat in a sporty dress or a casual dress style feels very rare. By the way a hat is worn, one often recognizes whether his wearer actually feels comfortable with the choice of headgear or whether the hat is worn only for a special occasion and therefore rather reluctant. The same is true if you are more wearer of classic flat caps or other caps . There you can choose according to the most different criteria, the right shape or even the right material for the right occasion.

All in all: In today’s fashion world, almost everything can be justified and explained, and if you try to combine a few traditional values ​​with a healthy dose of individualism, then you do not go wrong wearing hats.