Sticker on Caps – What are they for?

Many teenagers and young adults wear caps. Whether baseball caps, flat brim caps or trucker caps, there is the right model for every taste and head. On many heads, however, is not only a stylish headgear, but also a silver sticker that adorns the caps and notes the size of the cap. What looks like a newfangled appearance at first glance, is in fact nothing new. Already since the end of the 80s, it is quite normal for some fans of the big brands not to remove the stickers on caps after the purchase, but proudly to the show put. This seems strange at first glance, but there are still reasons for it.

Sticker on Caps: Many Reasons – A Trend

The main reason for many followers of well-known brands such as New Era is to underline the originality and authenticity of the caps . Caps with stickers are originals, thanks to the silver hallmarks can not be doubted. 

Furthermore, the caps can be collected or resold: For model cars and action figures, the original packaging significantly increases the value, the same applies to high-quality caps of well-known brands. Brands like New Era have deliberately decided not to note the size on sewn labels, but to affix stickers. For this purpose, even special stickers have been developed that leave no residue on the fabric when peeled off. Another reason for stickers on caps, lies in the symbolic effect that emanates an original: who can afford an original, has money and status, which can be underlined by the sticker. This trend was an important argument, especially in the poorer areas of American cities, for sticking the sticker to the caps. However, the question arises as to whether this signal effect is also needed in prosperous Europe.

There are a number of arguments against the stickers on Cap: For example, leaves a long-mounted sticker, especially on light caps unsightly marks, because the fabric around the sticker around a little bit discolored over time. Those who would like to orient themselves on other cap carriers will find that by no means most of them leave the sticker on the cap. On the contrary, even baseball players remove them. And in the end, even the argument of originality can be rebutted: Each cap has a sewn-in brand label next to the sticker that proves its originality. Nevertheless, in many youth groups it is still a status symbol not to dismiss the sticker. This is not wrong per se, but irrelevant to a non-scene-oriented person. In summary, if you do not collect the caps and eventually resell them in their original condition, it is a good idea to remove the stickers.