Loans for seniors

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Senior loans are being increasingly demanded by retirees seeking to make applications, taking into account that they have a pension with which to return the amounts of the installments, with total peace of mind and without effort.

Loans for retirees in Spain.

The financiers that in the current times, offer quick loans, do not have problems when delivering the money to people who are retired. Even retirees are often one of the profiles that financial companies prefer, this is because the economic situation of a retiree is very stable, compared to the economic situation of an employee who has a temporary contract.

Senior Family Loan of La Caixa.

It is one of the pioneer banks in offering loans to retirees or loans to the elderly. Thanks to the Club Ahora service , a set of financial services aimed at the elderly. They are loans to be returned in 4 years maximum and thousands of euros can be requested.

Credit cards for retirees.

La Caixa also has credit cards for retirees, without maintenance fees, as long as there are expenses over € 300 in total, throughout the year. In addition there are very large discounts, such as 40% discount when traveling in Renfe .

What are the reasons for the increase in credits for retirees?

Life expectancy is increasing , especially in Spain, which is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in Europe. Having a longer life expectancy, older people also need to consume, and also to invest . There are also more reasons why retirees increase their demand for funding, for example, that in recent years, with the increase in temporary jobs in the young population are becoming one of the most important pillars of the family , in the economic aspect and also in great holders of assets and guarantees.

Discounts for retirees.

  • Discounts for retirees : Discounts for retirees in the shopping cart . Retirees also have large discounts in the shopping cart. Thanks to this, many families support the purchases of the elderly, to feed the whole family and a much cheaper price.
  • Discounts for seniors on trips : Discounts on transportation for retirees . We talked about discounts in Renfe, discounts when traveling by boat and cheap holidays thanks to imserso, thanks to social tourism for retirees.