Cashmere – perhaps the most beautiful fabric of the summer!

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Cashmere is one of the finest and most popular fabrics used to process textiles. Obtained from the undercoat of the same-named goat from the Kashmir region, the feel of this wool is just too extraordinary. Due to the very fine fibers cashmere has high heat retention properties and is therefore mainly used for the production of hats and scarves. The fine cashmere yarn is obtained by fine removal of the animal. This elaborate method of extraction and the mere 150 grams of wool per animal make the material one of the most popular fabrics in the world. If a piece of clothing has a high content of cashmere, we can assume that it also causes an exclusive price at the same time.

It has already been mentioned that almost all Kashmir garments can be obtained, but the fact that Stetson USA produces their so-popular Hatteras caps just in time for the summer is a real surprise and, as a result, more than successful. A Limited Edition with a print run of just 150 pieces, it has become punctual to the temperature rise. The handy balloon cap with a high-quality satin lining can confidently call the highlight of this year’s summer. Each copy of these exclusive flat caps even has an individual identification number.

Due to the justified price, however, special care is required. So it would be a great pity if you leave this timeless headgear somewhere or even lose your fingers. Because: Whether you get a second chance on one of these model, you can rightly doubt. This flatcap offers optimal protection from the sun and is also the ideal companion on vacation. Thanks to the velvety soft cashmere, the peaked cap can easily be stowed away in a handbag and even withstands slight rolling or creasing without loss of shape. The natural goat hair forgives the summer headgear even a certain degree of pollution, but would like to land in any case in the washing machine or be confronted with detergents. There is a gentle brushing or lukewarm water the much better idea.

Anyone who has always thought about the purchase of a really special and exquisite headgear, should not miss this opportunity under any circumstances. All lovers of elegant Panama hats, winter travelers from exquisite hair felts or all-weather leather hats can also think about the sporty version of the headgear in the form of Hatteras cashmere. In return, you get here for your money a loyal and durable companion over many summers.

The Hatteras by Stetson USA: Not for everyone, but for every summer!