Bronté – elegant hat fashion with that certain something!

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Founded in 1990, International Design Hats has since grown into a leading global fashion and accessory wholesaler. Today, ID Hats exports caps , hats and caps to over 20 countries around the world. Bronté is the own brand of International Design Hats and was named after the founder’s daughter, as she has always exuded great elegance and liveliness.

The summer has finally found its long way to us and with it the start whistle for the next hat season. And the brand Bronté should certainly not be left out in the choice of the summer hat. For the upcoming summer, Bronté’s designers have given it their all and show us how to create top-quality and magical hats from the right material and a knack for beautiful designs. From classic to sporty-elegant hat shapes – the hats from Bronté offer the perfect companion for every occasion. For the 2013 season, hat designs are more exciting than ever. There are sporty straw hats in bright orange tones with a striking pink hat band and sophisticated summer hats with oversized loops and a wide brim. For the warm summer days such hats are the perfect companions and protect you in a pleasant way from the sun. In spring or summer there are of course many more festive occasions, be it an outdoor wedding, a barbecue or a picnic in nature. Again, the brand Bronté offers unique headgear. Bell hats are very classic, festive hats that perfect any outfit from straw and eye-catching applications. If you want to spare your hair, a fascinator is the right choice! Wide-brimmed hats provide shade for the face, and casual Bronté straw caps do not fly off the head so quickly on a bike ride. With the simple trilby the woman of today is neatly dressed for every occasion – whether during a walk with the dog or for a spontaneous dinner in the fresh air!

Bronté – also for the next season!

When it gets colder again, the straw hat should probably disappear in the wardrobe and be exchanged for a warmer winter model. Again, Bronté offers elegant hat fashion made of felt or warm wool. Be it a winter hat made of tweed or a fancy trilby made of wool felt – with the right hat the cold can not harm you! There are some more chic and feminine bell hats or floppy hats, Bronté has set the tone particularly with a fancy hat made of marabou feathers. The designers at Bronté focus their winter collection on optimum protection against wind and weather as well as radiant elegance. But make sure to convince yourself of the unique hat fashion of the fresh and desire for more making labels Bronté!