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Every year, the bobble hat manages to land in the charts of the hottest winter hats. The reason for this is clearly their versatility. As the name implies, the distinctive feature of the bobble hat, also known as the bobble cap, is the pompom. This is typically attached to the cap tip. In most cases, the bobble hat is knitted and made of materials such. As wool, synthetic fiber, cotton, cashmere, linen or other material mixes made. The pompon, on the other hand, typically consists of fringes, fur or fake fur. The bobble hat can be designed in many different forms. In addition to elegant, close-fitting caps with fur pompom loosely fitting caps in oversize look are always very popular.

Design variety for every taste

Not only in shape Bommelmützen have much to offer. Because they are also available in a variety of different design variants. Of course, subtle shades such. As dark blue, gray, black, beige, brown or white, still high in the price. Of course, this is mainly due to the lack of timelessness, which bring the caps in the rather restrained colors with it. The classic models in the well-tried colors also make it possible to combine the beanie with pompom elegant as well as casual or sporty. For those who like it a bit more colorful, colorful bobble hats are an advantage. These include, for example, bobble hats in blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, petrol, turquoise or pink. Those who are a little braver in the choice of their headgear, of course, can sometimes grab a bobble hat with glittering stones or in bright neon color. It is certain that the knitted winter hat will be a real eye-catcher.

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Bommelmützen – A cap model that anyone can wear

The fact that the bobble cap is not given a specific shape and that it comes in many variations, it can be worn by both adults and children. Both men and women can find elegant, sporty or casual models. The trend is still to wear hats in the XXL look or even bobble hats with pigtail patterns. For those of you who enjoy funny hats, you will also find an enormous selection of unusual and funky models online. Among other things, bobble hats with motif prints, faces, ears or luminous caps are widespread. While adults often pay particular attention to the look of the hat, the heat factor comes first for the youngest. Thus, padded bobble hats are practical, which ideally also have earflaps.

The enormous selection of caps with pompom makes it possible for everyone to find a suitable model. Especially in online shops, such as hatshopping, there is a wide range of offers, the most diverse price ranges with high quality. Discover now the wide selection and be inspired by the numerous styles!