Beanies – Multifunctional and trendy everywhere!

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The so-called beanies or Beaniemützen the alarm barometer alarm all year round. The supermodern headgear finds favor with young and old. And not just on the skate track. The clarification of the conceptuality of the beanie is quickly completed. Originating in England, beanie literally means “bean”, which is colloquially used for the human head. The Beanie found its origin in the classic working class in the middle of the 20th century, where one tried to protect oneself against cold and falling hair. Some of them had a small umbrella, which is still regarded as the forerunner of the classic peaked caps. This type of headwear was mostly popular with the male population, even in the late 20th century, where the boys adorned themselves with so-called propeller beanies. A round wool hat with a propeller that rotated in the wind. Over time, the beanie became an absolute trend cap among the youth.

Nowadays, the fashionable hat will appeal to almost every season. In winter the longbeanies manage to keep the head and ears conscientiously warm. As the name implies are the special forms of the beanie. Mostly made of a soft mix of materials, the longer, more casual version of the already very generous cut cap impresses with an end that falls down at the back of the head. As a result, his wearer is automatically very cool and casual. Even in summer you do not have to do without the casual accessory. On the contrary! Lightweight cotton blends or ultra-thin synthetic fibers ensure a comfortable fit, even if the temperatures in this country exceed 20 degrees. The summer beanie is now socially recognized and accepted. You will not look at it any more if you come to shirt and jeans in the spring or summer with the stylish headgear. Even in closed rooms you can see the hat as a “must have” and certainly a combined complement to every day outfit.

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Clever modists have come up with an absolute highlight. A beanie hat and scarf in one. If you are looking for an object for the term “multifunctional”, your search has an end here. The two-ply jersey cap is not sewn together at the top, but left open. Means: Depending on weather conditions or mind, the beanie can be worn both as a headgear and as a scarf. Simply touch at the bottom and pull hard. Such elastic pull ons are the latest craze and delight young and old. If we get sewn gloves in the coming season, then nothing can happen to us. Unless we lay the multifunctional beanie, then at the same time the scarf is gone.