Barbour – Traditional hats and accessories

In our latitudes we are used to seasons. And if you believe the broad opinion, most people think that’s a good thing. So you can look forward to every season in this country, because every season has its own very own and awakens certain feelings. For example, every season combines typical weather conditions. From this derives the need for outerwear, which can defy the expected weather sufficiently.

In the textile industry, meanwhile, there are a few companies that are very knowledgeable about something special in headwear. One that must definitely be mentioned at this point is the Barbour company. Those who have their origins back in the 19th century, even in the UK, where experience has shown that they have always had to be tried and tested in terms of rain, wind and cold, knows exactly how to protect themselves from adverse external conditions. The Barbour brand has a rich history, and its wax jackets are certainly one of the best-known products of textiles made in England. The special coating protects its wearer from wetness to this day, much like a greasy film that surrounds the plumage of a duck. Even the seams of the special textiles are waxed and provide complete resistance to moisture. Coming from one of the wettest areas of Europe, it was a matter of time before expanding its product line into accessories and headgear. First and foremost here are the Waxed Cotton hats. Made of waxed cotton, the multi-part headgear reliably protects against wet, cold weather and is excellently suited for the rainy month of November. The flexibility of these hats speaks for itself. Simply hooded and tucked into each bag, the hats are perfect for any walk or journey. An additional hatband with size-adjustable buckle leaves the hat on windy days on the head.

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Not to mention the gloves that Barbour produces for men and women. Made of genuine and sturdy leather, the finger gloves fall through the check pattern in the envelope. The special, checkered design is the hallmark of almost all products and comes in both the jackets and in the gloves again and again. A very special product is the earflap flatcap. Hardly any other product is so versatile and at the same time timelessly modern. The fold-out neck and ear protection guarantees optimal wind protection, and should this not be needed, you can flip it up in no time at all. If you want to equip yourself ideally for autumn and winter and trust a brand, then Barbour is in good hands. Because Barbour offers high-quality products for men and women in a classic and very appealing design.