Autumn is coming – what are the trend colors

What are the trend colors 2016? This question is being asked at the moment, because the summer is coming to an end and the fall season is coming up. We can help and guide you through the new color trends of autumn. It is striking that the trend colors for fashion are not gaudy and colorful as in the previous year, but tend to be more neutral and restrained.

Delicate shades for the ladies

The tone is given by pink tones in a great variety of designs. Starting with nude tones over powder pink, old rose and berry tones to more intense pink. In principle, emphasis is placed on the colors being rather subtle. However, to make the look not too feminine and girly, often darker tones are combined. Discreet tones such as brown, black or gray are particularly popular this autumn. In addition, there are also different, stronger reds, including rust red, red cherries and bordeaux red. In summary, one could describe the trend colors for women for the year 2016 with the color selection “pink, brown and natural”, ie all rather warm shades. However, there are also a number of cool shades that are considered absolutely trendy this fall. These include in particular fir green, violet and a variety of shades of blue.

How is it with the men?

The trend colors for men are a bit different. Especially Pink is in the men’s fashion maximum as pastel to see. The focus is on the masters of creation, especially classic, natural shades, such. Olive, brown, black, blue and gray. The range of trendy colors is therefore also less gaudy than in previous years. The pastel-colored nuances, which are very popular in a small form with nude and powder pink in women’s fashion, can of course also be worn by fashion-conscious gentlemen. Especially pastel shades in red and blue versions can be real eye-catchers.

Autumn trend colors 2016 in the fashion world

Of course, the trend colors can not be worn exclusively as a garment. Even as an accessory they look good. Whether for hats, caps, caps, bags or shoes, the trendy colors can be combined perfectly. It is both possible to combine similar nuances, for example from the pink color scheme, as well as to set contrasts by styling the more natural and discreet colors. With both shades for cooler and warmer types, no one has to go out and everyone is able to dress stylishly and trend-oriented. Since almost everyone has at least the more popular among the trend colors in the closet, not too many new clothes and accessories must be purchased.