Anna Piaggi – fashion icon and hat lover

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“My hat is something very personal. A secret that I want to keep as secret as possible “

Lagerfeld-Muse and fashion journalist with a penchant for unusual hats , Anna Piaggi, passed away at the age of 81 last year. In her honor, an exhibition will be opened in August 2013 at the Milan Fashion Museum, the Palazzo Morando. The motto and essence of this exhibition “Hat-ology” is to show the extravagant and unique hats of the fashion critic and celebrate a significant part of her life. You’ll be amazed by her bold outfits and hats, which have become her status symbol over the decades and left their mark on the fashion world. The British hatter Stephen Jones created the most imaginative headgear for Piaggi and therefore also curates the exhibition in honor of this fashion icon.

Anna Piaggi was born in Milan in 1931 and in her first years worked as a translator for the Italian publisher Mondadori. But in the early ’60s, she was able to establish herself as a fashion journalist and worked for major fashion magazines such as the women’s magazine Ariadne, the Italian Vogue or the magazine Vanity. She became notorious for her extraordinary dress style and courage for extremely creative and unusual hats and accessories.

A blue-colored water wave, red lipstick and a bright red typewriter

These were the distinguishing features of the woman who did not allow herself to be persuaded into her style and thus certainly did not always meet with understanding. But in the fashion world, she was always welcomed with open arms and appreciation. Especially designers like Vivienne Westwood or Manolo Blahnik were big fans of Anna Piaggi and could not get enough of their ideas and creativity. Karl Lagerfeld even chose her as his personal muse and dedicated her own picture book with sketches and pictures, which he had made since the seventies, to Piaggi and her unique outfits and hats.

The vintage style, which is popular today, has been profoundly influenced by Anna Piaggi, who began early to reinterpret already worn clothes and to wear them in various combinations. She is said to have worn none of her garments twice until her death in August 2012. What was smiled at that time has been a real fashion hype since the beginning of the 21st century and has influenced many styles: such as the used look, the hipster fashion or the retro style!

One thing we can certainly learn from Anna Piaggi: Have the courage to show your own style and wear hats and eye-catching accessories with joy and an upturned chin!