And when the rain begins to fall… rain hat!

The rain that literally always follows the sunshine, can make you wet without the appropriate protection: A rain hat can help! Even in the calendar summer, it is not hidden to us that Peter can be quite moody times and we should be well prepared for the emergency and the one or other summer storms. The right headgear protects us not only expediently from the falling water masses, but also brightens the mind through perfect and modern design. Again, as it often happens, functionality and appearance need not be mutually exclusive. The facets of offered rain hats are quite versatile: First there are the classic rain hats made of treated cotton.

These all-rounders impress with their timeless form. The bent down brim and the pure Knautschbarkeit let the classic hat or fishing hat me nothing, you nothing disappear in the back pocket, once the rain has subsided. But the best thing is that this hat is still wonderfully visible to both ladies and gentlemen, even if it does not cry from the sky. The highlight of many models is a small compartment with zipper, in which beach stays can conveniently stow a few euros or the debit card. Washability goes without saying for this type of outdoor hat. For the unwavering weather frogs among us, there are beautiful men’s and women’s models in bell shape made of functional materials such as Gore-Tex.

The material quality of this rain killer is almost unequaled. The fabric is breathable, yet wind and waterproof. And if it should pour out like a bucket, you have to think about the rest of your clothes. A hat from Gore-Tex is something for companies with really all weather conditions. If, on the other hand, you want to look forward to the rainy weather with a bit more style, you will choose a high-quality traveler made of fine hair felts. This special form of felt hat is hard to beat in terms of functionality. Rollable, crushable and water repellent are just some of the attributes that such a men’s model brings with it. Hats with their wide-brimmed brim are ideal for mountain and hiking tours, for wet and cold drizzle or even a medium rain shower.

In storm-like gusts or torrential rains, the experienced hat wearer probably better attacks the slouch hat with chin strap or simply takes a seat at home in the warm room.

The weather is one of those things in life that is difficult to reliably predict, the type of headgear that offers protection.