Akubra Hats – trend brand of the Australian Outback!

The well-known Australian-born hat maker Akubra has a company history dating back to the 19th century that is just as sustainable as the headgear itself. For nearly 150 years, Akubra’s family tradition has been producing traveler hats made of fine rabbit hair or other exquisite fabrics , If you ask an Australian about the landmarks of his country, he will most likely be able to name the headgear Akubra in addition to the Sydney Opera House and the rock Uluru Vegemite.

Akubra – The most famous hat manufacturer in Australia

A catalyst in the company’s successful history is certainly the fact that during the First and Second World War, it became a supplier to the Australian Army. Each soldier wore a robust, weatherproof hat by Akubra. Such a large spontaneous sales market was very well suited to the hat factory’s development. At the beginning of the 20th century, the name Akubra, which is still known today, was first used as a brand and trade name. Rumor has it he goes back to the Aborigines.

These used the term for everything that protected the head. The attention of the public also attracted many Australian Olympians of the 20th century, who wore Akubra as a trademark of their ancestry. The Akubra was last worn at the 1984 Los Angeles Games. To this day, this Olypmia chapter is considered the proud part of the company’s history. A licensed cooperation with the experienced hat makers from the house of Stetson in the fifties also opened new ways and products of the now in fifth hand company. In the minds of today’s population, the hair furry hats are also known as the trademark of “Crocodile Dundee” Paul Hogan. The charmer from Down Under with his boorish behavior was happy to show off the brim of his outdoor hat decorated with crocodile teeth on the cinema screens of this world. Like many other artists, the founder Benjamin Dunkerley was able to develop a machine as early as the end of the 19th century that made enticing rabbit hair into a high-quality raw material through felting. At that time, much more than nowadays, you needed the outstanding outdoor features of a felt hat. The ability to defy the adverse weather and their high longevity were two of the most important features that a hat had to offer for the preferably male population.

To this day, one is proud to have never broken with the traditions of the company history. Akubra has been in the Hall of Fame Australian Family Business since 2013. The Olympic Games are still an important figurehead for the athletes as well as for the employees of this great company.