A true classic – timeless elegance!

What does it really mean to be a classic? A classic film, a classic beauty or even classical furniture are terms that today deal with the old or mean something pure and always fashionable. Even in the world of headgear there is the term ” hat classics ” and hide behind him also classic beauties that have managed to remain in the hearts, or rather on the minds of the people until today .

A true classic is the cylinder and even though it is not worn as often today as it was around the 19th century, it is a stylish headgear that will never quite disappear from our heads. With its towering and majestic shape it is today one of the most elegant headgear and is worn on special occasions by the masters of creation to dress and cutaway. Somewhat casual and today again absolutely trendy is the melon – also known as bowler. This hat is usually made of felt and can look back on a long life. It used to be worn almost every day, and even today it can inspire many fans, especially on the streets of major fashion capitals. The melon can be worn by both women and men and looks very cheeky to short hairstyles or a long curly mane.

These two hats are of course the kings of the classics, but other hats have managed over the past few decades again and again to come into fashion: the Panama Hat is a classic for the summer and is considered a stylish and elegant straw hat. Also, the Pork Pie is an always fashionable and always dressy companion , who knows how to upgrade some outfit. For example, a round pork pie, also known as a circular saw, can be made of felt or wool for the colder days and made of light straw for the warmer days of spring and summer. Another hat classic is the Bogarthut , which owes its name Humphrey Bogart, which helped the masculine hat to its glory. Even today Bogarthut is still worn on festive occasions and evening events.

One thing is clear: everyone should have at least a hat classic in his wardrobe, because with such a hat you get a long-lasting and faithful companion!