A hat city chooses its queen!

The contemplative Lindenberg in the West Allgäu moves again to the center of the Hutwelt on 16 May 2010 . This weekend, the annual Huttag will be celebrated there, but only every two years a worthy representative from the hat-loving applicants will be crowned, this year for the first time the title ” German Hat Queen” may wear. A good reason to visit the traditional Hutmacherstadt on Lake Constance … of course with a hat!

Since the 17th century Lindenberg is known for its hat factory, which specializes in straw hats such as Matelot or circular saw. In 1913, the city was even the leader in Germany with an annual production of 8 million men’s straw hats. The crisis in the 1920s brought a change in women’s felt hats and in the 1960s, the employment of new materials such as leather, fur and dralon. To this day, the renowned Ulm company Mayser has a design hat studio in Lindenberg.

You can experience how proud the Lindenbergers are of their long hat tradition, as spectators and visitors at the official Huttag. Hutmodenschauen, a vintage car show and various demonstrations with musical and culinary accompaniment will be shown on Sunday. In front of the historic Hut Museum , which boasts a remarkable documentation of its guild, there is an entertainment program for the little ones. The crowning glory is the election as the Queen of the Hats , who will now take on representative tasks in the city and at trade fairs.

And here are the proud hat-bearers of Lindenberg: the newly elected Hat Queen Anna Benedicta Walser (right) and her equally stylish predecessor Conny Brendle.

Our excursion tip! If you are not satisfied with the special Huttag and the hat museum open all year round, let it be said that Lindenberg is one of the sunniest cities and recognized climatic health resorts in Germany … If you still do not have a suitable hat or headdress for this excursion, have a look at www.hutshopping.de to offer an uncommon and fine selection for ladies, gentlemen as well as children.