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Loans for seniors

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Senior loans are being increasingly demanded by retirees seeking to make applications, taking into account that they have a pension with which to return the amounts of the installments, with total peace of mind and without effort.

Loans for retirees in Spain.

The financiers that in the current times, offer quick loans, do not have problems when delivering the money to people who are retired. Even retirees are often one of the profiles that financial companies prefer, this is because the economic situation of a retiree is very stable, compared to the economic situation of an employee who has a temporary contract.

Senior Family Loan of La Caixa.

It is one of the pioneer banks in offering loans to retirees or loans to the elderly. Thanks to the Club Ahora service , a set of financial services aimed at the elderly. They are loans to be returned in 4 years maximum and thousands of euros can be requested.

Credit cards for retirees.

La Caixa also has credit cards for retirees, without maintenance fees, as long as there are expenses over € 300 in total, throughout the year. In addition there are very large discounts, such as 40% discount when traveling in Renfe .

What are the reasons for the increase in credits for retirees?

Life expectancy is increasing , especially in Spain, which is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in Europe. Having a longer life expectancy, older people also need to consume, and also to invest . There are also more reasons why retirees increase their demand for funding, for example, that in recent years, with the increase in temporary jobs in the young population are becoming one of the most important pillars of the family , in the economic aspect and also in great holders of assets and guarantees.

Discounts for retirees.

  • Discounts for retirees : Discounts for retirees in the shopping cart . Retirees also have large discounts in the shopping cart. Thanks to this, many families support the purchases of the elderly, to feed the whole family and a much cheaper price.
  • Discounts for seniors on trips : Discounts on transportation for retirees . We talked about discounts in Renfe, discounts when traveling by boat and cheap holidays thanks to imserso, thanks to social tourism for retirees.

The hat that suits me well … or not ?!

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How do I know if I really have my hat and according to which criteria I can choose a hat that is advantageous for me?

First of all, it should be said that all hat-wearers of both sexes can be absolutely sure about one thing: Anything that is fun and contributes to well-being is allowed. It decides solely and solely the hat wearer, which model he enjoys and with which headgear he or she feels comfortable. Of course, there are some clues as to when or where to wear certain hat styles or to view them as rather unfavorable.

In any case, one should not completely ignore the historical background of the hats. While the hat has always been an expression of the respective social and professional status, the hat can still function today as an integral part of a uniform. But it is more the rule that younger and older people understand a hat as a purely fashion accessory. Certainly, the hat is still a faithful companion to protect against wind and weather, but through its numerous variants, it comes just as often for the primarily fashionable use, if you want to complement or spice up his clothes. Of course, this does not mean that traditional hats or outdoor hats lose their functional character.

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There are countless hats and hats. How do I know which hat to choose?
My height gives a first aid in finding the right hat for. So it is recommended for small and petite people, tend to tend to a smaller hat shape. Large people, on the other hand, can use hats with a wider brim without any problems, for example, so-called traveler hats.

People who have a very long face can very well wear flat caps of any kind, with people with rather round features opting for bell hats or melons.

Also the own skin color is a criterion, which should be considered with the choice of hat: Women or men with very light skin is less the handle to brown or earth tones recommended, since these colors usually make a little paler.

In any case, the hat should bring a certain harmony to the rest of the outfit, as a classic men’s hat in a sporty dress or a casual dress style feels very rare. By the way a hat is worn, one often recognizes whether his wearer actually feels comfortable with the choice of headgear or whether the hat is worn only for a special occasion and therefore rather reluctant. The same is true if you are more wearer of classic flat caps or other caps . There you can choose according to the most different criteria, the right shape or even the right material for the right occasion.

All in all: In today’s fashion world, almost everything can be justified and explained, and if you try to combine a few traditional values ​​with a healthy dose of individualism, then you do not go wrong wearing hats.

Autumn is coming – what are the trend colors

What are the trend colors 2016? This question is being asked at the moment, because the summer is coming to an end and the fall season is coming up. We can help and guide you through the new color trends of autumn. It is striking that the trend colors for fashion are not gaudy and colorful as in the previous year, but tend to be more neutral and restrained.

Delicate shades for the ladies

The tone is given by pink tones in a great variety of designs. Starting with nude tones over powder pink, old rose and berry tones to more intense pink. In principle, emphasis is placed on the colors being rather subtle. However, to make the look not too feminine and girly, often darker tones are combined. Discreet tones such as brown, black or gray are particularly popular this autumn. In addition, there are also different, stronger reds, including rust red, red cherries and bordeaux red. In summary, one could describe the trend colors for women for the year 2016 with the color selection “pink, brown and natural”, ie all rather warm shades. However, there are also a number of cool shades that are considered absolutely trendy this fall. These include in particular fir green, violet and a variety of shades of blue.

How is it with the men?

The trend colors for men are a bit different. Especially Pink is in the men’s fashion maximum as pastel to see. The focus is on the masters of creation, especially classic, natural shades, such. Olive, brown, black, blue and gray. The range of trendy colors is therefore also less gaudy than in previous years. The pastel-colored nuances, which are very popular in a small form with nude and powder pink in women’s fashion, can of course also be worn by fashion-conscious gentlemen. Especially pastel shades in red and blue versions can be real eye-catchers.

Autumn trend colors 2016 in the fashion world

Of course, the trend colors can not be worn exclusively as a garment. Even as an accessory they look good. Whether for hats, caps, caps, bags or shoes, the trendy colors can be combined perfectly. It is both possible to combine similar nuances, for example from the pink color scheme, as well as to set contrasts by styling the more natural and discreet colors. With both shades for cooler and warmer types, no one has to go out and everyone is able to dress stylishly and trend-oriented. Since almost everyone has at least the more popular among the trend colors in the closet, not too many new clothes and accessories must be purchased.

Cashmere – perhaps the most beautiful fabric of the summer!

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Cashmere is one of the finest and most popular fabrics used to process textiles. Obtained from the undercoat of the same-named goat from the Kashmir region, the feel of this wool is just too extraordinary. Due to the very fine fibers cashmere has high heat retention properties and is therefore mainly used for the production of hats and scarves. The fine cashmere yarn is obtained by fine removal of the animal. This elaborate method of extraction and the mere 150 grams of wool per animal make the material one of the most popular fabrics in the world. If a piece of clothing has a high content of cashmere, we can assume that it also causes an exclusive price at the same time.

It has already been mentioned that almost all Kashmir garments can be obtained, but the fact that Stetson USA produces their so-popular Hatteras caps just in time for the summer is a real surprise and, as a result, more than successful. A Limited Edition with a print run of just 150 pieces, it has become punctual to the temperature rise. The handy balloon cap with a high-quality satin lining can confidently call the highlight of this year’s summer. Each copy of these exclusive flat caps even has an individual identification number.

Due to the justified price, however, special care is required. So it would be a great pity if you leave this timeless headgear somewhere or even lose your fingers. Because: Whether you get a second chance on one of these model, you can rightly doubt. This flatcap offers optimal protection from the sun and is also the ideal companion on vacation. Thanks to the velvety soft cashmere, the peaked cap can easily be stowed away in a handbag and even withstands slight rolling or creasing without loss of shape. The natural goat hair forgives the summer headgear even a certain degree of pollution, but would like to land in any case in the washing machine or be confronted with detergents. There is a gentle brushing or lukewarm water the much better idea.

Anyone who has always thought about the purchase of a really special and exquisite headgear, should not miss this opportunity under any circumstances. All lovers of elegant Panama hats, winter travelers from exquisite hair felts or all-weather leather hats can also think about the sporty version of the headgear in the form of Hatteras cashmere. In return, you get here for your money a loyal and durable companion over many summers.

The Hatteras by Stetson USA: Not for everyone, but for every summer!

Sticker on Caps – What are they for?

Many teenagers and young adults wear caps. Whether baseball caps, flat brim caps or trucker caps, there is the right model for every taste and head. On many heads, however, is not only a stylish headgear, but also a silver sticker that adorns the caps and notes the size of the cap. What looks like a newfangled appearance at first glance, is in fact nothing new. Already since the end of the 80s, it is quite normal for some fans of the big brands not to remove the stickers on caps after the purchase, but proudly to the show put. This seems strange at first glance, but there are still reasons for it.

Sticker on Caps: Many Reasons – A Trend

The main reason for many followers of well-known brands such as New Era is to underline the originality and authenticity of the caps . Caps with stickers are originals, thanks to the silver hallmarks can not be doubted. 

Furthermore, the caps can be collected or resold: For model cars and action figures, the original packaging significantly increases the value, the same applies to high-quality caps of well-known brands. Brands like New Era have deliberately decided not to note the size on sewn labels, but to affix stickers. For this purpose, even special stickers have been developed that leave no residue on the fabric when peeled off. Another reason for stickers on caps, lies in the symbolic effect that emanates an original: who can afford an original, has money and status, which can be underlined by the sticker. This trend was an important argument, especially in the poorer areas of American cities, for sticking the sticker to the caps. However, the question arises as to whether this signal effect is also needed in prosperous Europe.

There are a number of arguments against the stickers on Cap: For example, leaves a long-mounted sticker, especially on light caps unsightly marks, because the fabric around the sticker around a little bit discolored over time. Those who would like to orient themselves on other cap carriers will find that by no means most of them leave the sticker on the cap. On the contrary, even baseball players remove them. And in the end, even the argument of originality can be rebutted: Each cap has a sewn-in brand label next to the sticker that proves its originality. Nevertheless, in many youth groups it is still a status symbol not to dismiss the sticker. This is not wrong per se, but irrelevant to a non-scene-oriented person. In summary, if you do not collect the caps and eventually resell them in their original condition, it is a good idea to remove the stickers.

Bronté – elegant hat fashion with that certain something!

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Founded in 1990, International Design Hats has since grown into a leading global fashion and accessory wholesaler. Today, ID Hats exports caps , hats and caps to over 20 countries around the world. Bronté is the own brand of International Design Hats and was named after the founder’s daughter, as she has always exuded great elegance and liveliness.

The summer has finally found its long way to us and with it the start whistle for the next hat season. And the brand Bronté should certainly not be left out in the choice of the summer hat. For the upcoming summer, Bronté’s designers have given it their all and show us how to create top-quality and magical hats from the right material and a knack for beautiful designs. From classic to sporty-elegant hat shapes – the hats from Bronté offer the perfect companion for every occasion. For the 2013 season, hat designs are more exciting than ever. There are sporty straw hats in bright orange tones with a striking pink hat band and sophisticated summer hats with oversized loops and a wide brim. For the warm summer days such hats are the perfect companions and protect you in a pleasant way from the sun. In spring or summer there are of course many more festive occasions, be it an outdoor wedding, a barbecue or a picnic in nature. Again, the brand Bronté offers unique headgear. Bell hats are very classic, festive hats that perfect any outfit from straw and eye-catching applications. If you want to spare your hair, a fascinator is the right choice! Wide-brimmed hats provide shade for the face, and casual Bronté straw caps do not fly off the head so quickly on a bike ride. With the simple trilby the woman of today is neatly dressed for every occasion – whether during a walk with the dog or for a spontaneous dinner in the fresh air!

Bronté – also for the next season!

When it gets colder again, the straw hat should probably disappear in the wardrobe and be exchanged for a warmer winter model. Again, Bronté offers elegant hat fashion made of felt or warm wool. Be it a winter hat made of tweed or a fancy trilby made of wool felt – with the right hat the cold can not harm you! There are some more chic and feminine bell hats or floppy hats, Bronté has set the tone particularly with a fancy hat made of marabou feathers. The designers at Bronté focus their winter collection on optimum protection against wind and weather as well as radiant elegance. But make sure to convince yourself of the unique hat fashion of the fresh and desire for more making labels Bronté!

Bommelmützen – Absolutely trendy

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Every year, the bobble hat manages to land in the charts of the hottest winter hats. The reason for this is clearly their versatility. As the name implies, the distinctive feature of the bobble hat, also known as the bobble cap, is the pompom. This is typically attached to the cap tip. In most cases, the bobble hat is knitted and made of materials such. As wool, synthetic fiber, cotton, cashmere, linen or other material mixes made. The pompon, on the other hand, typically consists of fringes, fur or fake fur. The bobble hat can be designed in many different forms. In addition to elegant, close-fitting caps with fur pompom loosely fitting caps in oversize look are always very popular.

Design variety for every taste

Not only in shape Bommelmützen have much to offer. Because they are also available in a variety of different design variants. Of course, subtle shades such. As dark blue, gray, black, beige, brown or white, still high in the price. Of course, this is mainly due to the lack of timelessness, which bring the caps in the rather restrained colors with it. The classic models in the well-tried colors also make it possible to combine the beanie with pompom elegant as well as casual or sporty. For those who like it a bit more colorful, colorful bobble hats are an advantage. These include, for example, bobble hats in blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, petrol, turquoise or pink. Those who are a little braver in the choice of their headgear, of course, can sometimes grab a bobble hat with glittering stones or in bright neon color. It is certain that the knitted winter hat will be a real eye-catcher.

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Bommelmützen – A cap model that anyone can wear

The fact that the bobble cap is not given a specific shape and that it comes in many variations, it can be worn by both adults and children. Both men and women can find elegant, sporty or casual models. The trend is still to wear hats in the XXL look or even bobble hats with pigtail patterns. For those of you who enjoy funny hats, you will also find an enormous selection of unusual and funky models online. Among other things, bobble hats with motif prints, faces, ears or luminous caps are widespread. While adults often pay particular attention to the look of the hat, the heat factor comes first for the youngest. Thus, padded bobble hats are practical, which ideally also have earflaps.

The enormous selection of caps with pompom makes it possible for everyone to find a suitable model. Especially in online shops, such as hatshopping, there is a wide range of offers, the most diverse price ranges with high quality. Discover now the wide selection and be inspired by the numerous styles!

Career Hatter or what does a modist actually do?

Related imageWhile hatter and milliner make men’s hats, Modist and Modistin deal with the production and fashionable treatment of women’s hats, hats, hair and much more. Both craft professions follow a three-year training, parallel to the vocational school in the studios of less traditional hat companies or rarely at opera houses and theaters can be completed. Dexterity, graphic skill and materials science are the basic requirements, but wealth of ideas and an in-depth customer service also play an essential role in becoming a good hatter or modist.

Historically, the entry of a hatmakers guild in Nuremberg is already documented for the year 1363, which goes hand in hand with the development of the craft of modism. Special attention was paid to the profession in the 18th century, when fashion was exceedingly pompous and embellished. At that time, not only did modists create hat creations, but they also decorated the clothes of wealthy ladies in sumptuous individual pieces. Rose Bertin, who, according to Marie Antoinette, became the court purveyor to Napoleon’s wife Joséphine, gained outstanding fame at this time. Renowned traditional companies, such as Borsalino from Italy or Seeberger and Mayser from Germany, also follow the craftsmanship of their founding period.

Many hats are still made in traditional handcraft today. In particular, models made of high-quality and sensitive materials, such as hair felts or silk, require careful handling, which can not guarantee industrial mass production. Even if the hats are later quite hard-wearing, the processing process in the companies is sometimes very complicated and tedious, which finally justifies the high price. For some melons and cylinders, such as the Chapeau Claque , there are sometimes long waiting times of at least two months for customers because they are only made on request. At least once you have seen how much work is in a single hat , you will certainly keep your honor.

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A modist and milliner not only designs, he also repairs. Just as you bring your clothes to the tailor and your shoes to the cobbler, your broken hats are best kept by a milliner or a fashionist. He knows the materials and has the appropriate tool to correct small blemishes. A very demanding and at the same time creative profession – service provider and designer for headgear in one.

In terms of expert advice, it is advisable in this branch of the fashion industry, even for a non-manufacturing company, to employ a modiste, as is the case in our own house. Our skilled fashionist can explain you the best ways to use textiles, give you tips on how to care for your headgear, and find out the latest hat trends for you. For haircuts and unusual hat creations are not only in Ascot a sensational eye-catcher, which is able to perfect every wardrobe. Weddings and other celebrations are nice occasions to wear exclusive headwear that also enhances everyday wear.

considered – the hat as a sign of individuality

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“Watch out for protection, mindful of glory, nestle in Master’s hat.”

That is the business philosophy of Hutlabels ” intent “, which convert the two founders Ulrike Simon and Maik Schulz since 2001 through its innovative Hutmode in accordance with convenience, portability and modernity.

The master of fashion and the designer got to know each other during their employment in one of the then most innovative hat factories in Germany in Neuss. While Schulz set up his own business after the training with his hat label “Hutdesign Maik Schulz”, Ulrike Simon completed her masters and gained experience in the areas of training, customer care, production of collections and materials science. After receiving numerous honors as a hat designer and having a 10-year professional experience, Maik Schulz decided to combine her strengths, creativity and craftsmanship on the one hand, and her work experience and commercial talent on the other, and founded her label “thoughtfully” in 2001.

And success was not long in coming. At their first fashion fair, the CPD in Dusseldorf, shoppers from numerous specialist shops and various fashion houses queued up to order their unique hat and accessory designs.

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The hat as an attractive addition – as a point on the i.

A keen eye for the current trends on the streets and a sense of the finest fabrics and exceptional patterns make the hats and accessories of “thoughtful” the perfect companion for every woman. The aim is to help women between the ages of 25 and 99 discover their courage to be a hat and wear it with every-day outfit as a matter of course and courage. A special feature of “deliberate” are the combinable sets of hat, scarf and gloves and hat and matching cloth. These offer the end customer a simple and fashionable combination of their accessories from head to hand. But not only for the consumers, but also for the buyers, the sets offer a refined and stylish addition to their range. The “self-made” collections are produced under high quality standards by companies abroad and offered in the mid price range.

“Do not be afraid of hats!” Advise the designers and this motto should heed the woman of today. The hat is one of the hottest fashion accessories and should not be missing in any well-stocked wardrobe. We therefore recommend: Turn the “deliberate” hat of your choice on the head, plunge out into the fray and the envious admiring looks of others are safe!

Beanies – Multifunctional and trendy everywhere!

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The so-called beanies or Beaniemützen the alarm barometer alarm all year round. The supermodern headgear finds favor with young and old. And not just on the skate track. The clarification of the conceptuality of the beanie is quickly completed. Originating in England, beanie literally means “bean”, which is colloquially used for the human head. The Beanie found its origin in the classic working class in the middle of the 20th century, where one tried to protect oneself against cold and falling hair. Some of them had a small umbrella, which is still regarded as the forerunner of the classic peaked caps. This type of headwear was mostly popular with the male population, even in the late 20th century, where the boys adorned themselves with so-called propeller beanies. A round wool hat with a propeller that rotated in the wind. Over time, the beanie became an absolute trend cap among the youth.

Nowadays, the fashionable hat will appeal to almost every season. In winter the longbeanies manage to keep the head and ears conscientiously warm. As the name implies are the special forms of the beanie. Mostly made of a soft mix of materials, the longer, more casual version of the already very generous cut cap impresses with an end that falls down at the back of the head. As a result, his wearer is automatically very cool and casual. Even in summer you do not have to do without the casual accessory. On the contrary! Lightweight cotton blends or ultra-thin synthetic fibers ensure a comfortable fit, even if the temperatures in this country exceed 20 degrees. The summer beanie is now socially recognized and accepted. You will not look at it any more if you come to shirt and jeans in the spring or summer with the stylish headgear. Even in closed rooms you can see the hat as a “must have” and certainly a combined complement to every day outfit.

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Clever modists have come up with an absolute highlight. A beanie hat and scarf in one. If you are looking for an object for the term “multifunctional”, your search has an end here. The two-ply jersey cap is not sewn together at the top, but left open. Means: Depending on weather conditions or mind, the beanie can be worn both as a headgear and as a scarf. Simply touch at the bottom and pull hard. Such elastic pull ons are the latest craze and delight young and old. If we get sewn gloves in the coming season, then nothing can happen to us. Unless we lay the multifunctional beanie, then at the same time the scarf is gone.